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WECL Education Group (WECL for short) originated from the Canada World Exchange Center (WEI), and has been operating brands in China for 31 years and in Xiamen for 21 years. Since its establishment, WECL English has advocated the "all-English, immersive" English teaching model. Tsinghua University, Beijing Second Foreign Language College, Yantai University and other universities have successively cooperated with WECL Education Group to promote "Full English, Immersion" The teaching model is quite effective


In 1999, WECL English officially settled in Xiamen. Xiamen WECL English Training School is a training school dedicated to "All Immersion" English face-to-face courses. It follows WECL unique education model and adapts to local conditions to innovate and develop. For the children aged 3 to 12 English special courses, the original textbooks are used, and the Chinese and foreign teachers are combined to teach. The long-term course research has accumulated a series of teaching methods suitable for young children in China. It has been favored by parents and students and has become a benchmark for peer learning. For 21 years, Xiamen WECL Training School has had an excellent professional Chinese and foreign teaching team, adopting a North American multi-disciplinary English teaching system. Providing students with all-round services and an authentic world of pure English so that they can fully learn with applied English. For 21 years, it has trained tens of thousands of outstanding students, has been recognized and rewarded by local education authorities and relevant management departments, and enjoys a high reputation in the field of running schools in the community.


In 2010, Xiamen WECL English established the International Department, which is dedicated to studying the international education field of international high schools and college preparatory courses. All curriculum systems of international courses are derived from North American international high school and college preparatory courses. In order to better expand business projects and segment markets, in 2017, WECL Education Group was officially divided into: Training Department (WECL) and International Department (Crossroads).


WECL training programs include:

WECL Children's English Original Picture Book Club (2-8 years old), WECL Young Children's English Training Program (3-15 years old), Full / Half-day English Intensive Course, VIP Custom Course, Domestic Winter and Summer Vacation Winter Camp.


CROSSROADS International Foundation Centre:

Our center provide pre-university and high school preparatory courses, combined with more than 300 high-quality public and private high schools in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, and dozens of top-ranked universities in the world, focusing on connecting 13 to 20 year olds to North American and British international high schools and preparatory colleges Courses, providing bridge courses for students to successfully enter foreign high schools and universities. The Foundation Center also has special international winter and summer camp projects: domestic and overseas travel studies and research projects.